Innovative Remuneration and Benefits Strategies for the Not-for-Profit Sector

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The Not-for-Profit (NFP) sector faces unique challenges in attracting and retaining talent, particularly when it comes to offering competitive remuneration and benefits. While financial constraints may limit the ability to match private sector salaries, NFPs can employ creative strategies to provide compelling compensation packages for both executive and non-executive roles. Here are some ideas to … Read more

Top Reasons for Staff Turnover in the Not-for-Profit Sector: A Look at 2023-2024

Five ways we’re innovating to improve recruitment outcomes

In recent years, turnover in the Not-for-Profit (NFP) sector has been a subject of concern, with several key factors influencing why talented individuals are leaving these organisations. From burnout to remuneration, the dynamics shaping this trend are multifaceted and pivotal for understanding workforce dynamics in the NFP sector. 1. Burnout and Fatigue: Among the most … Read more

How to get the best out of your recruitment agency

how to get the best from your recruitment

The more recruitment agencies working on your vacancy, the faster it’s filled, right? Actually, the opposite is usually true! According to Louise Archer from Retrained Search, inviting multiple recruiters to try and fill a role (called ‘contingent recruitment’) has an average fill rate of below 25%. In contrast, fill rates are up around 95–100% for … Read more

Political Intelligence: Why it Matters for Hiring Leaders in the Social Care Sector

political intelligence in social care leaders

You know how there’s IQ and EQ, which stand for intelligence and emotional intelligence? Well, there’s also something called political intelligence – or PQ. It’s all about being able to read the room, so to speak. It’s about understanding the needs and wants of the people around you and figuring out how to work together … Read more

How to create a positive candidate experience

How to create a positive candidate experience

By Claire-Ann Leo As recruiters, it is important to create a positive candidate experience for all job seekers. A positive candidate experience not only contributes to your employer brand and attracting top talent, but it also makes the process of hiring more efficient and meaningful. It all starts with the way you interact with potential candidates, … Read more

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