Five ways we’re innovating to improve recruitment outcomes.

At Be Recruitment, we understand the crucial role of innovation in improving recruitment outcomes in the social care sector for candidates, employees and employers.

That’s why in this post, we’re excited to share five key ways we’re embracing innovation to improve everything we do, from onboarding and payroll, through to regular communication and training.

1. Improving the Onboarding Process

At Be Recruitment, we’ve revolutionised our onboarding process to provide a seamless experience for our casual workers. We conduct thorough checks, including reference and probity checks with online service, Referoo, ensuring the highest standards of integrity. Additionally, we provide relevant training from trusted organisations like Cerebral Palsy Alliance. What sets us apart is our commitment to a personal touch. We guide each candidate individually through the onboarding process over the phone, ensuring a supportive and tailored experience right from the start.

2. Engaging Through Technology

We believe in harnessing the power of technology to keep our casual workers happy and engaged. Our online timesheet system, equipped with an award interpreter, streamlines payroll management, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. To go the extra mile, we run a second payroll each week, ensuring that everyone’s hard work is recognised and appreciated. By simplifying payroll and staying on top of hours worked, we’re helping to create a positive and satisfied workforce.

3. Seamless Communication and Support

Communication is key, which is why we leverage the Ento Employee app to stay connected with our workers. This user-friendly app allows for seamless communication, keeping workers informed and connected even after they’re placed. We also understand the importance of reliable support. That’s why our 24/7 on-call service is available for shift cover all year round. With Be Recruitment, workers have constant support, and our clients can rely on a dependable workforce.

4. Personalised Check-Ins with and without Automation

We prioritise candidate satisfaction, and that’s why we’ve implemented Roi-AI, an innovative automation tool, to manage regular check-ins with our placements. We formalise these check-ins before work starts, during the initial three months, and on the one-year anniversary of commencement. This personalised approach ensures our candidates are happy and thriving in their roles. To further enhance their experience, we have ‘Betty,’ our friendly chatbot. Betty helps monitor candidate performance, safety, and wellbeing. We’re notified immediately if any safety concerns are raised, and we proactively check in on their overall wellbeing. As part of our commitment to wellbeing, these automations are also used to prompt consultants to contact workers and placed candidates to arrange a coffee or meeting so that personal interaction isn’t missed.

5. Leadership Coaching and Feedback

For our candidates in senior leadership roles, we offer complimentary leadership coaching through Leading Well and Signet Coaching to help prepare for interviews.  We believe that empowering leaders helps them be the best they can be and leads to overall success. Additionally, we partner with SchBond to conduct an Employee Attachment Inventory survey, gathering valuable feedback during the candidate’s first 120 days. This feedback helps us continuously improve our services and strengthen our partnerships.

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